The Truth About Condoms That You Never Knew.

Sex has always been an important and vital activity in a person’s life.Therefore education related to sex is very important.As  the phrase goes “half knowledge is dangerous”,so having half knowledge about sex is also dangerous.The younger generation who are new to theses sexual changes need to have a healthy and good understanding of sex and sex education. Unprotected intercourse can to lead to premature pregnancy  among many young girls.It can even lead to diseases like sexual transmitted diseases(STD),AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome),HIV(human immunodeficiency virus) and other various health issues.

 1.Condoms Does Not 100% Prevents Pregnancy

Many have a misconception that condoms are 100% safe, whereas it is not.Studies shows that no condoms prevent pregnancy or STD’s 100%.Wikipedia shows that 2% of the people using condoms while having intercourse have results in pregnancy.Condoms are 98% safe to prevent pregnancy but not 100%.

2.Condoms Does Not 100% Prevents Diseases

Condoms helps to prevent and protect people from STD’s and other disease which are transmitted sexually but however does not ensure 100% safety. Condoms prevent diseases related to internal parts and immune systems however external infections can not be avoid like Scabies & Molluscan contagious.There are illness and diseases that can be transferred via physical touch itself.

3.Condoms Have An Expiry Date

Ensure to check the expiry date on the packet of the condom, like all other products condoms also have an expiry date. Use of expired condoms can have serious health issues like serous infection, Urinary Tract Infection ect.

4.Allergy to Latex

Some people are allergic to latex, latex is material used to make condoms.People who are allergic to latex will develop irritation on the penis or vagina.The lubricants on the condoms can also cause allergic. In case an allergic contact medical help as soon as possible.

5.Additional add-ons

Some use double condoms to be extra safe, however using double condoms can be disastrous.As condoms are designed in such way to maximize friction, using double condoms can lead to tearing of the condoms.Even additional lubricants can damage the condoms.
So be always careful and have fun!


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