9 Ill Effects Of Wearing Tight Clothes

“Fashion is way to show who you are without having to speak”

Do you know that wearing tight jeans and clothes harm your health more than the fashion you portray.There are many health issues associated with wearing tight jeans and clothes.Let learn some about it here:

It is important to look nice and fashionable but not at the cost of your health.It is absolutely good to have good & great body and be proud about your body.The problem is that wearing tight clothing is bad for your health and it’s important to avoid this bad habit.

1. Tight clothing prohibits return blood flow

It is absolutely necessary and extremely important for the body to circulate blood throughout the body without any hindrances. Wearing tight jeans and clothes does not allow the blood to flow easily. Wearing tight jeans does not allow blood to flow to your lower extremities causing damage to your genitals and your whole lower extremities. Lack of blood reduce the oxygen level in those body parts does damaging them.

illeffects of wearing tight clothes

Ill effects of wearing tight clothes


2. Tight clothing Effects Your Heart Functioning

Wearing tight clothes reduces the blood flow and thus reducing the oxygen level in the blood, as the oxygen levels drips body responses accordingly. In-order to cope up with the situation it becomes imperative for heart to start working harder to maintain the oxygen level and circulate blood.Eventually when heart works hard, it becomes tired and thus damage the heart.


3. It promotes the appearance of varicose veins

Varicose veins is a very common health issues associated with women.Progesterone hormone in the body causes the veins to dilate above the their normal natural opening. Wearing too tight clothes cause poor blood circulation and this can worsen the varicose veins condition.

Studies shows that 31% of the female population has varicose veins.Varicose veins conditions becomes worse with use of oral contraceptives, wearing to tight jeans or pants and with long period of standing.

Ill-effects of wearing tight clothes

Ill-effects of wearing tight clothes


4. It promotes the development of cellulite

Cellulite is yet another great threat to those wearing tight clothes.As a matter of fact tight clothes do not cause cellulite but they hasten its appearance. Because tight clothes impair the blood of blood and encourages the development of fat nodules in the thighs and genital regions.

Ill-effects of wearing tight clothes


5. It make you hard to “breathe”

Breathing is a process in which inhalation increases the pressure in the lungs and trachea resulting in the constant movement of the upper abdomen. Wearing tight clothes especially tight pants or jeans lead to restricted movements of the abdomen causing difficultly in breathing. When the exchange of air in the chest is not efficient then it will eventually lead to lack of oxygen in the body, premature aging.Low level of oxygen and shallow breathing increases stress and decreases the concentration level.

Ill-effects of wearing tight

Ill-effects of wearing tight

6. It promotes back pain

Wearing tight jeans or pants restricts the free and natural muscles movements while walking, standing or running.Constant restricted movements effects the muscle and then eventually the bone structure as you are not allowing it to be free.Tight clothing can cause lumbar back pain or pelvic pain.Tight clothes forces the body to development and grow in a certain and does not allow natural growth.

Ill-effects of wearing tight clothes

Ill-effects of wearing tight clothes


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