Calcio Fiorentino- A Football Like Game For The Gladiator

Calcio Fiorentino or Calcio Storico is a old historic football like game started in Italy in the 16th century.Back then it was also called as the giuocodel calcio fiorentino which means “Florentine kick game” in Italian. It is a very violent form of football and is a very popular game in Italy

Calcio Fiorentino or Calcio Storico

Some Basic Rule: 

Each teams consist of 27 member in a match, the Calcio is game is of 50 minutes.It is played on a rectangular field with length and width of approx. 80×40 meters. The field is filled with sand and is divided into equal squares with goal nets at the each end of the side.There are no substitution allowed, injured player are not allowed back or no substitution can be made.

Players can use violence to get hold of the ball and score.They can use hands and legs to tackle down the opponents.Tackle does not only mean tackle- tackle involves a violent physical injuries and at times things get pretty serious. Multiple players can not tackle a single person. In Calcio players can use fighting skills and can use any form of martial arts skills.

Calcio Fiorentino or Calcio Storico

Team’s Who Can Participate: 

Teams that take part in the Fiorentine Calcio Storico represent 4 district of the city- Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Santo Spirito and San Giovanni.These games takes place in the early month of June and the final matches are held on 24th on the feast of the Florence’s patron St.John the Baptist.

In 2007 city authorities banned Fiorentino calcio for nearly 50 players getting involved in a fight and later all of them were taken into the court.This incident brought a new rule where convicted criminals were no longer allowed to participate in the game.In 2014 the rules of participating the tournament changed which only allowed people born in that area or people who have lived there for more than 10 years can only participate.In order to reduce or decrease severe injuries head to head bang and clashes were also banned.In 1574 King Henry III of France witnessed a violent match and then he announced that the game is “Too small to be a war and too cruel to be game.

Calcio Fiorentino or Calcio Storico

There is no official prize or medal ceremony foe the wining team.The winning team gets to have a butchered calf and free dinner for the team in a restaurant. The players do not play this sport for prize the play it for glory. Fiorentino calcio is traditional sport and they play it the there traditional.




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