10 Photos That Proves Virat Loves Anushka

Virat Kohli and Anushka’s relationship is one of the top gossips in the Bollywood and Cricket industry.The couple tied the knot recently in Italy followed by a party bash in Mumbai.The two of them have been dating for a couple of years and until recently when they took their vows in Italy.Here are few amazing pics of Virat and Anushka that shows how deeply they are in love:

1.The Way He Holds Her



2. The Way He Looks At Her

The way Virat looks at her shows his depth of love towards her.There is passion in the way he looks at her.This the way every girls wants her lover to look at her.

3. The Cute and Amazing Selfie

In today’s social media culture, they both put up amazing and truly cute couple pics. They are setting a true couple selfie example.

4. The glories Smile When They Are Together

There smile doubles when they are together, this is sign of real happiness the have when they are together.


5. The Way He Looks Out For Her

He always looks after her, at each of her step. He is true gentleman when it comes to caring for her.There is care in his eyes.

6.Fun Together

Along with their career and other stuff, Virat always make her smile.They do fun lots of fun together.It is always good have fun and joke around with your loved ones.

7.He Is Proud To Be With Her

8. He Compliments Her From Time To Time

9. They Even Do Wired Stuff Together

10. He Loves Her No Matter What!


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